Cleaver-Brooks* Electrode Parts


 * Cleaver-Brooks® is a registered trademark of Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.  The D.B. Johnsen Company is not a factory authorized sales representative of Cleaver-Brooks, Inc. or related to, affiliated with or sponsored by Cleaver-Brooks, Inc. in any way.  Any Aftermarket parts sold by or provide by the D.B. Johnsen Company to fit Cleaver-Brooks® products are manufactured by or on behalf of the D.B. Johnsen Company and are not genuine, authorized OEM Cleaver-Brooks, Inc. replacement parts nor are they subject to any Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.'s warranties, sales terms or representations.

Below are some of the more common part numbers for electrodes used on various Cleaver-Brooks® boilers

435-009 435-042 435-071
435-011 435-050 435-074
435-023 435-052 435-099
435-034 435-061 435-131
435-036 435-063 435-GP216C
435-038 435-064 837-097
435-040 435-065 837-118


To request more information or to order electrodes, call the D. B. Johnsen Parts Department between 8 AM - 4:30 PM EST at 1-800-442-1242 or click here to email us.


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