Boiler Tubes

The D. B. Johnsen Company offers the following tubes for your boiler:

Firetubes (All sizes)

Watertubes and Flex Tubes

Economizer Tubes

Heat Exchanger Tubes

Dimpled Tubes (Used in Ohio Specials)

Tubes can be cut to any length in our warehouse.

To request more information or to arrange the purchase of tubes for your boiler, heat exchanger or economizer, call the D. B. Johnsen Parts Department at 1-800-442-1242 or click here to email us.

We hold an ASME R-Stamp so we can provide code certified tube replacements by our qualified welders.

Click here for more information on tube replacement and other boiler services offered by the D. B. Johnsen Company or call our Service Department at 1-800-442-1242 today for an estimate (click here to email us).