Boiler Sales Product Lines

Below are the high quality boiler and boiler room equipment manufacturers we are proud to represent:

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The D.B. Johnsen Company represents and works with many different boiler and boiler room equipment manufacturers so we can offer you the best boiler solution for your needs. We provide boiler solutions for steam or hot water applications using condensing or non-condensing boilers, with firetube, watertube, flexible tube, copper finned tube, or cast aluminum designs, firing natural gas, fuel oil, combination fuels, electric, solid fuel, or waste heat.


We also offer all of the boiler room accessories, such as water heaters, pumps, deaerators, feed water systems, water softeners, chemical feed equipment, blowdown separators, blowdown tanks, chimney venting material, economizers, heat recovery equipment, expansion tanks, air separators, flash tanks, circulating pumps, burner controls, storage tanks, buffer tanks, lead-lag sequencers, draft controls, etc., to provide a complete boiler room system.