Boiler Valves

Many different kinds of valves are found in the typical boiler room. The D. B. Johnsen Company will assist in the sizing, selecting, and supplying the proper valve for any boiler or burner application and most piping applications as well. Some of the most common valves that we provide for boiler room applications are listed below:


Check Valves Safety Valves Solenoid Valves
Blowdown Valves Float Valves

Control Valves

Globe Valves Temperature Valves Ball Valves
Pressure Reducing Vavles Gate Valves Gauge Glass Valves
Flow Control Valves Needle Valves Non-Return Valves


To request more information in sizing or selecting a boiler room valve for your application, please call the D.B. Johnsen Company Parts Department between 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM EST at 1-800-442-1242 or click here to email us. With over 100 years of combined field service experience, we are always happy to assist you in selecting and sizing the proper valve.