Gas Train Components

Gas trains are the piping, valves, regulators, and components in the fuel delivery system (fuel train) just prior to any burner. They are controlled by burner management and combustion control systems and they are typically natural gas but they can be other fuels as well, such as propane, landfill, methane, sewer gas, or some other type of bio-gas product. Most systems use a separate smaller (pilot) train to establish a pilot flame before igniting the main flame.

Gas trains vary from burner to burner based on capacity, fuel type, available gas pressure, voltage, and insurance requirements.


The D. B. Johnsen Company stocks the most common gas train and pilot train components that are listed below:

Gas Pressure Regulators Lubricated Plug Cocks Butterfly / Gas Control Valves
Motorized Gas Valves Shut Off Valves POC Gas Valves

Diaphragm Gas Valves

Gas Pressure Switches Pressure Gauges
Solenoid Valves Normally Open Vent Valves Pilot Gas Regulators


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IMPORTANT: The sizing, selection, testing, replacement, and installation of gas trains and gas train components should only be performed by qualified technicians and maintenance personnel.