The D. B. Johnsen Company sells Honeywell Pressure Controls (called Pressuretrols) at competitive pricing and will ship them to anywhere in the country. Below is a partial list of our more common Pressuretrols:


L404F-1060 2-15 PSI SPDT Snap Switch
L404F-1078 5-50 PSI SPDT Snap Switch
L404F-1102 10-150 PSI SPDT Snap Switch
L404F-1383 10-150 PSI Snap Switch
L404W-1037 10-150 PSI Manual Reset
L4079A-1050 10-150 PSI 2 SPST Open on Rise
L4079B-1033 2-15 PSI Open on Rise Manual Reset
L91A-1037 0-15 PSI 135 Ohm
L91A-1052 5-150 PSI 135 Ohm
L91A-1078 10-300 PSI 135 Ohm
L91B-1035 5-15 PSI Adjustable Differential
L91B-1050 5-150 PSI
L91B-1068 10-300 PSI
L91D-1015 0-15 PSI
L91D-1031 5-150 PSI
















To request more information or to order Honeywell Pressuretrols, please call the D. B. Johnsen Company Parts Department between 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM EST at 1-800-442-1242 or click here to email us.